Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

The Celtic Cross is a traditional Tarot layout for general readings. When a question has been posed, it reveals answers in a relative detail. It can also be used for “open readings” without posing a question; the cross will help you identify and contextualize matters that you may or may not have been aware of.

Lunar Tarot Reading

This 4-card reading uses the structure of the lunar cycle to provide insight into the potential of any situation.

Situation, Action, Outcome Tarot Reading

This 3-card spread is an old, trusted favorite of many. The spread provides a concise, pragmatic look at any situation, advises action, and helps set practical expectations.

Daily Meditation Tarot Reading

Let this 1-card reading help bring clarity and focus to your day. Allow yourself to explore the themes and life lessons of the Tarot in this guided meditation.

Higher-Self Tarot Reading

Gain insight into your core characteristics and integrate your mind, body, and spirit with this 4-card reading.

20/20 Tarot Reading

This 7-card reading helps give insight into how your past is affecting your present, then channel that knowledge into a brighter future.

Dream Seer Tarot Reading

This 3-card reading gives insight into your dream journeys. It can help you explore the nature and lessons of your dreams, and can guide you to a better understanding of the messages they carry.

Daily Tarot Reading

This 3-card reading is a great way to start your day. It can help give guidance to the day ahead, and reveal hidden truths that may otherwise have gone unnoticed.