Why Study Tarot?

Tarot is an amazing instrument for focusing your thoughts and connecting with your subconscious. The interpretations presented here are intended as a starting point for your intuition to guide you on your personal journey toward understanding. For every card, you’ll find:

  • Keywords. Keywords boil down complex meanings into single words.
  • Upright & Reversed Meanings. No card is all good or all bad. These phrases suggest a broad range of interpretations for each card, from light and happy to shadowy and brooding.
  • Associations. For the Major Arcana, you’ll see correspondences with universal archetypes, the Hebrew alphabet, numerology, astrology, the classical elements and planets, myths and spiritual traditions, and the elements of storytelling. For the Minor Arcana, you’ll find correspondences to numerology, astrology, daily affirmations, and storytelling.
  • Symbols and Insights. These notes share stories you can use to enhance your appreciation for Tarot’s depth and beauty. They also suggest additional ways a card might apply to your situation.