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This 3-card reading gives insight into your dream journeys. It can help you explore the nature and lessons of your dreams, and can guide you to a better understanding of the messages they carry.

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Always remember that the future is not set in stone; *YOU* decide your fate!

If the outcome is not desired, seek to change your path or reassess your goals.

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Pursuing a course of study. Asking good questions. Investing time in study and practice. Doing research. Making a habit of learning new things. Starting an investigation. Outlining what you need to know. Finding a mentor or teacher.

Pretending to knowledge or sophistication you do not possess. Cheating on an exam. Feigning interest as a way of gaining favor. Considering only the evidence that supports conclusions you’ve already drawn. Rejecting the wise counsel of experienced teachers.

Celebrating your physical and financial blessings. Realizing how lucky or how blessed you are. Being satisfied with your physical and financial achievements. Taking best advantage of “times of plenty.” Enjoying a feast. Showering friends or family with gifts.

Spending all of your money on extravagant gifts and possessions. Trying too hard to impress others with your wealth or physique. Giving an inappropriately expensive gift as a means of currying favor. Obsessing on matters of weight, health, or finance. Always asking, “What’s in it for me?”

Refusing to be silenced through fear or intimidation. Continuing a fight against all odds. Being fierce. Defending yourself against physical and emotional attacks. Refusing to put up with abuse. Clinging to your values despite all pressure to abandon them.

Having a chip on your shoulder. Taking unnecessary risks as a means of proving your fearlessness. Looking for an opportunity to take offense. Responding to constructive criticism with defensiveness. Refusing to stand up for yourself and your beliefs.

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Outperforming your peers. Winning a competition. Being recognized as a capable person. Having your “moment in the spotlight.” Being cheered on by the crowd. Getting an award. Earning the admiration of others. Telling someone, “Good job!”

Being a bad winner. Allowing your achievements to inflate your ego. Looking down on people who seem less capable. Craving to be the center of attention. Giving or receiving insincere praise. Envying the achievements of others.

owledging loss and moving on. Focusing on how the glass remains “half-full.” Finding the silver lining in a dark cloud. Recognizing that loss is a natural part of life. Embracing healthy grief. Learning lessons from harsh consequences.

Wallowing in unhealthy grief or self-pity. Refusing to move on and let go. Clinging to the past. Obsessing on past lives and past loves. Failing to live in the present. Beating yourself up over past mistakes. Allowing fear of failure to limit your efforts.

Learning the value of a dollar. Starting a savings plan. Taking the first steps toward getting out of debt. Learning new physical tasks. Discovering your sexuality. Launching a diet, a weight-lifting program, or a health-related effort. Learning by doing.

Trying to appear healthier or wealthier than you really are. Spending money carelessly. Living strictly for today, with no thought of tomorrow. Possessing immature attitudes toward sex and sexuality. Using wealth or beauty as an excuse for not having to learn and grow.

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Seeing things clearly. Experiencing intense joy. Celebrating your own successes. Knowing you’re good at what you do. Gaining recognition for your personal genius.

Being dazzled by your own accomplishments. Becoming absorbed in your own self-image. Feeling rushed and distracted. Exerting yourself to the point of exhaustion. Overstating your abilities or misrepresenting your

Measuring progress toward your goal. Looking at results with an eye toward improving performance. Asking, “How happy am I?” Coming up with ideas for improving your health or prosperity. Deciding it’s time for a change. Expressing an honest opinion.

Becoming distracted by melancholy thoughts. Longing for “the good old days.” Beating yourself up over lost opportunities. Judging your own work harshly. Holding others to inappropriate standards. Refusing to take part in a project, then whining about the quality of the outcome.

Imposing restrictions on yourself for your own benefit. Bringing your passions under the control of reason. Resisting impulses that work against your best interests. Taking bold action.

Indulging weakness, even when you know it will damage your health and happiness. Languishing in addiction. Allowing your instincts to tame and conquer you. Failing to take a stand when necessary.

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