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Always remember that the future is not set in stone; *YOU* decide your fate!

If the outcome is not desired, seek to change your path or reassess your goals.

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Giving time, money, or effort to a charity. Taking part in a group effort. Lending your resources to others without expecting anything in return. Making sure everyone is treated equally. Working together toward a common goal. Redistributing wealth, time, or attention. Tithing. Sharing credit for your success.

Making a loan as a means of gaining control over someone. Using charitable acts to draw attention to yourself. Dividing work or resources unfairly. Failing to do your part in a group effort. Ignoring obligations and commitments.

Weighing options. Comparing prices. Determining the value of one option over another. Juggling resources to make ends meet. Making difficult choices based on what’s best for your body or your bankbook. Looking at the bottom line. Asking for a second opinion on health issues.

Engaging in endless price comparison. Putting off a buying decision for fear of finding a slightly better value later on. Buying something without regard for value. Breaking your budget with unnecessary expenses. Engaging in behavior with no regard for how your body or bankbook will be impacted.

Keeping a stiff upper lip. Being brave and clear in the face of adverse circumstances. Sharing experience as a way of comforting others. Making fair and empathetic decisions. Honoring the spirit, not just the letter, of the law.

Allowing yourself to become rigid and unemotional. Making unfair decisions based on a hidden agenda. Making decisions without regard for their emotional impact on others. Abusing spiritual authority. Using emotional or spiritual leverage to exercise unhealthy control over others.

Doing your best. Bringing enthusiasm and zeal to your work. Making an effort to be the best you can be. Finding the work that is right for you. Taking care of the small details. Becoming a finely skilled craftsperson. Building something with your hands. Making a handmade gift.

Working yourself to death. Doing a half-hearted or sloppy job. Continuing in a job you hate. Buying thoughtless gifts. Producing work with shoddy craftsmanship. Rushing through your work. Rejecting opportunities to learn more about your craft.

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Themes: Freedom, faith, inexperience, innocence

Planetary/Astrological/Elemental: Air

Tap into your joy and the energy of your inner child. Harness these personal forces to free yourself from limitations, both extrinsic and self-imposed. Arm yourself with only your instincts, then use this empowerment to take a leap of faith. When you embrace change, your potential will exceed everything you thought possible.

What would you do if you felt free to take a leap? How might your past experiences guide you in this situation?

Themes: Limitation, doubt, knowledge, scrutiny

Planetary/Astrological/Elemental: Air

Focus and gravity are required, but you are aloof and distracted. You lack the experience and knowledge necessary for the situation. Your naivete leaves you gullible and thus exposed to unnecessary risks.

How willing are you to be vulnerable and open? Would you prefer your feet on the ground or your head in the clouds?

Exercising tact or using diplomacy. Defusing a tense situation. Knowing what to say and how to say it. Making others feel comfortable and confident. Bringing out the best in everyone. Having a way with words. Telling jokes. Possessing a knack for music, math, art, or science.

Knowing exactly what to say to destroy another person. Withholding critical information. Using a barbed tongue to upset others. Employing sarcasm. Mimicking others unkindly. Making light of the less fortunate. Being disrespectful. Failing to use the talent you’ve been given.

Measuring progress toward your goal. Looking at results with an eye toward improving performance. Asking, “How happy am I?” Coming up with ideas for improving your health or prosperity. Deciding it’s time for a change. Expressing an honest opinion.

Becoming distracted by melancholy thoughts. Longing for “the good old days.” Beating yourself up over lost opportunities. Judging your own work harshly. Holding others to inappropriate standards. Refusing to take part in a project, then whining about the quality of the outcome.

Teaching or guiding others. Searching for the truth. Asking for guidance from a higher power. Acknowledging the wisdom and experience of others. Taking vows. Engaging in heartfelt rituals. Volunteering.

Using experience as a means of manipulating or misguiding others. Being dogmatic. Favoring tradition over what is expedient or necessary. Going through the motions of empty rituals. Concealing wisdom. Restricting access to spiritual truths or the gods.

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Motivating yourself with images of future success. Using visualization to encourage progress. Taking an imaginative or creative approach to problem solving. Making dreams come true. Gleaning insight from personal visions.

Obsessing on imaginary fears or uncertain consequences. Giving in to emotional or political terrorism. Spending more time dreaming than working. Failing to envision the possible repercussions of your choices. Being controlled by fear.

Outperforming your peers. Winning a competition. Being recognized as a capable person. Having your “moment in the spotlight.” Being cheered on by the crowd. Getting an award. Earning the admiration of others. Telling someone, “Good job!”

Being a bad winner. Allowing your achievements to inflate your ego. Looking down on people who seem less capable. Craving to be the center of attention. Giving or receiving insincere praise. Envying the achievements of others.

Having it all. Knowing and loving yourself as completely as possible. Seeing the interconnection of all things and people. Enhancing your perspective. Living life to its fullest. Understanding the meaning of life.

Allowing greed and envy to prevent you from enjoying what you do possess. Failing to see the larger design in ordinary events. Believing that everything that exists can be touched, counted, or measured. Failing to see the divine reflected in those around you.

Having a choice. Offering or being offered an option. Seeing the value of another person’s approach. Understanding there’s more than one way to “skin a cat.” Successfully doing more than one thing at a time. Being empowered to make a choice.

Misrepresenting your intentions. Doing one thing while desiring another. Changing course mid-stream for no good reason. Refusing to change your goal even when pursuing it no longer makes sense. Disregarding the input of others.

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